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Big Bear Farm
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Our Horse Activities and Services
Here at Big Bear Farm we raise Connemara Ponies and Sport Horses. We breed using our stallion Fergus. We
then raise, train, and compete our ponies and horses. We compete our horses in Dressage, Eventing, and
Jumper competitions. We also use them with our
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program called Enoch

Leigh Ellen Roberts is the head trainer and instructor at
Big Bear Farm. She is also a therapist for Enoch
Ministries. Leigh Ellen has successfully trained her horses through top levels, winning awards and recognition
up through Advanced Combined Training and Intermediare Dressage. She has also gone through extensive
training and competition in the US and Europe in Jumpers. While in college, she represented the US in Nation’s
Cup Competitions and the World Championship. She raises and competes her Connemara Ponies, earning
many Gold Medallions and Championships, proving them to be a very versatile breed as well as a friend. Home
from college, (Savannah School of Art and Design where she graduated with honors!) Leigh Ellen is Big Bear's
Farm manager. Giving lessons, and starting Enoch Ministries Inc., her true passion. God has touched her heart
with the desire to work with children from abused situations and using her natural talents in horses and art
she is pursuing this desire full force. She is a graduate of the Toronto School of Ministry and during college
attended the Banner of Nations where she took courses in leadership. Leigh Ellen received her Masters in
Community Counseling from Columbus State University. She is currently applying for her liscensures as a LAPC,
AMFT, and getting her
EAGALA certification. Leigh Ellen is a special young lady, with a heart to follow God to
whereever He leads her!