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Big Bear Farm

Big Bear Farm is a 300 acre farm where God's peace can be felt moving across the rolling hills and the still
lake. With ever hoof beat you can feel the passion by which God created this land. Big Bear is a family built
and a family run farm. Since 1982 our family has operated from this location. We have raised cattle, Quarter
horses, Warmbloods, and
Connemaras. We have run horse shows, clinics, camps, the Big Bear Country Fair,
hosted Olympic teams and operated a metal manufacturing shop for barns.
Leigh Ellen Ertle, now managing
the farm, has directed the focus on the farm to
Enoch Ministries.        

Who is my family? Well let me tell you about them. They are my strongest supporters. I can't remember
anything that I attempted in life that I questioned my ability to do because my family was always behind me
telling me that I could do it. If I found something to be more challenging then I first thought everyone
pitched in to find success for all. We are a family. We look out for one another. Oh yes we argue, but when
in need we are so tight we are truly one.

My Father is Ronny Roberts. He is retired now. He wore many hats in his life as a butcher, Vietnam Veteran,
Air Traffic Controller, owner of West Atlanta Marine, owner of Big Bear Manufacturing Plant, and various other
jobs. He was determined to build a life for his family and children that would set them up for success and he

My Mom is Mary Ellen Roberts. She has worked as an Administrative Assistant for my father's businesses, the
family farm, and now the church in town. She is the glue that holds our family together. She is the most
generous person I know. She can set boundaries in a way that feels like an encouragement. She is truly
gifted in her ability to love with the Father's Love. I trust her with all that I am.

Then there is us kids. Ron Roberts, my oldest brother, is a spirited individual who has more passion for life
than the rest of us can contain. He truly lives every moment of his life. He is a very gifted and intelligent
person. He has worked in government positions as a planner, grant writer, and various other networking
positions. He is artistic and loves the outdoors. Though most of his jobs take him indoors his heart is on the
farm. Ron is the sandpaper that rubs my ruff edges until they are polished. I appreciate him. Ron is married
to Carmon Roberts who appreciates him for his spirited heart but at the same time grounds him.

John is our middle. He, like my mom, is very well grounded and stable. He is married with two children, Justin
and Brooke. He and his wife Tina live in Rome Ga. John was my protector growing up. I am at a loss for
words as to how to explain that John is a friend that is always there without fail. He is full of compassion and
forgives before he has had a chance to get angry. He an awesome father. I am very proud of him as I am all
of my family.

Then finally comes me. I am Leigh Ellen Ertle. I am the Executive Director of Enoch Ministries and my husband
Dan is the Farm Manager of Big Bear Farm.  Enoch Ministries is my passion. I Love God, my family, and my
animals and am very excited in what the future holds for us all. Dan shares my passion and is a strong
supporter in all that I do. We were divinely made for each other for God's Purpose. We are expecting our
first child in January of 09. A little girl. Photos to come when she does. Together we are joined for the sole
purpose of revealing God's kingdom on earth. With that comes His Love, healing power, and relationship
with the Father.
The Ertles

Big Bear was a cattle farm when we moved here. We built barns, arenas, stadium jumps, cross country
courses, and raised some awesome horses. We ran Horse Trials, Dressage shows, Hunter/Jumper shows,
and hosted clinics with people like Jimmy Wofford, Lucinda Green, Denny Emerson, Steven Bradley, and many
others. We also hosted the Brazilian team for their training prior to the 96' Olympics. All proceeds from the
shows goes to Enoch Ministries, our focus and direction.

We have bred and raised some amazing horses here at Big Bear Farm. You can read more about
Horses, Horses
For Sale, and Enoch Ministries' Horses, by clicking these links.
Mary Ellen Roberts
holding Ruth
Brooke Roberts
Number 11 is Justin Roberts
Daniel Ertle
Manager of Big Bear Farm
Leigh Ellen Ertle
Executive Director of Enoch Ministries
Praise be to God for a healthy
beautiful baby girl!!!
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Ellen Elizabeth Ertle
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Address: 649 Butts Mill Rd. Pine Mountain Ga. 31822
Phone: (706) 881-2141
Praise God!!!
The Boys Were Born June 24th 2010.
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John and Josh.