Big Bear Farm


1.   Visiting dogs must be in the vehicle at ALL times.
2.   NO smoking allowed on property.
3.   Helmets must be worn at all times mounted
4.   NO alcohol allowed on property.  
5.   NO drugs allowed on property.
6.   No weapons allowed on property.
7.   NO fighting allowed on property.
8.   NO riding double.
9.   No borrowing or using of other's equipment.
10. All gates must be kept closed at all times.
11. Barn aisle is to be kept clean and clear of debris.
12. Horses are not to be left tied and unattended.
13. Horses are only to be turned out in assigned area unless  
      permission is given by barn manager to move them.
14. Tack and feed rooms are to be kept clean and orderly.
15. NO jumping without adult supervision.
16. Persons under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
17. Barn manager must be notified immediately in case of       
18. Barn manager must be notified when a horse is leaving     
      the premises.
19. All horses must have a current coggins, up to date on      
      shots, and worming.
20. Horses are only to be tied to designated tie areas.
21. Horses are not to be tied by bridles.
22. All guests must sign a release form.
23. No swimming without instructor.
24. Everyone is to respect the privacy and priority of owner,   
      lessons, and therapy sessions in barn, arena area, and     
      homes on premises.
25. Farm hours are to respected and adhered to.
Big Bear Farm Rules

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