Big Bear Farm
Our Connemaras
*Coosheen Finn sire of our
foundation mare *Coosheen Penny
Royal. Penny mares still at Big Bear
Farm are Big Bear's Aura Lee, Big
Bear's Aurora, and Big Bear's
Amazing Love. We also have Penny
grandchildren and great
Bloodlines in our ponies are *Tarzan,
*Camus John, *Coosheen Finn,
*Coosheen Penny Royal, *Ballinaboy
Eamonn, and of course Fergus
*Coosheen Finn
*Camus John
*Ballinaboy Eamonn
*Fairyhill Hawk
*Coosheen Penny Royal
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Fergus passed away in July of 2010. He was an An Tostal Hall of Fame Award and Golden Shamrock winner.   He was
a 14.1 hand Approved
Connemara Stallion who has won many hearts and ribbons for many successful years.  This
little handsome man goes into the warm up ring and finds himself in interesting positions.  When Fergus started
competing at the FEI Level in Dressage, he was the only pony at that level besides his mother Big Bear’s Katie O’
Hara.  The bigger horses would trot by and say “How cute.” They did not take him seriously, at least until he walked
into the ring or the scores came up.  Soon after that Fergus had fan clubs everywhere.  They all came down to the
ring to see this little expressive lovable stallion dance around the ring with pleasure and grace.  He inspired many to
become serious about the sport of Dressage.  He also caused many to consider smaller horses.   Most of Fergus’ life
has been spent in the show ring winning through Intermediare Dressage.  In Fergus' last years of competing Leigh
Ellen Roberts took him into other arenas where Fergus continued to shine.  He won through Preliminary Combined
Training, as well as Championships in Hunter and Jumper.  Then Fergus won Champion Stallion at several USDF
Breeders Championships.  This was very exciting to see a pony, not in his youth, go in against these beautiful
Warmblood Stallions and win hands down.  Fergus has earned the points for his Gold Medallion in Dressage,
Combined Training, Hunter, Jumper, and Halter.   Thus he was the first Connemara to be eligible to win the Golden
Shamrock Award.  What an honor!  Fergus was sound and in great shape at age 25 when he passed away.  
Studs                                                        Mares
Fergus                                                      *Coosheen Penny Royal
*Ballinaboy Eamonn                                Story Teller    Dam's sire    Sire
*Canal Clancy                                          Psalm XXIII
Big Bear's Camus                                     Grace
Camus John's Gladiator                           Christiana     Sire         Dam         
                                                                  Big Bear's
                                    Big Bear's Hope
                                    Big Bear's Lauralea
Fergus was a 14.1 hand purebred
Approved Connemara Stallion
He was both typey and very athletic.
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