Enoch Ministries at Big Bear Farm
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)
EAP is “experiential” which means participants
engage in activities with horses and learn about
themselves in the process.  These activities reveal
feelings, behaviors, patterns and insights producing
endless opportunities for discussion and learning.  
EAP has the added advantage of interacting with
horses – dynamic and powerful living beings.

Activities are set up with the client and horse(s) that
create a representation of what is happening in the
client’s life.  They have a chance to work through
issues with the horses and become aware of
patterns and beliefs that are getting in their way to
finding effective solutions to problems.

Clients can try out new behaviors in a very
dynamic, present and authentic way. They can then
transfer the learning to situations and relationships
in their lives.

EAP is a collaborative effort between a licensed
therapist and a horse professional working with the
clients and horses to address treatment goals.

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Contact: Leigh Ellen Ertle
Address: 649 Butts Mill Rd.
Pine Mountain Ga. 31822
Phone: (706) 881-2141
Email: lelittlebear@yahoo.com
Progression photos of a group EAP
Individual session photo of EAP session.
More photos of EAP sessions.
NARHA is now called PATH
Enoch is a PATH Center
Equine Facilitated Mental Health (EFMH)

EFMH is another experiential modality of
mental health treatment that involves an on
going relationship building between the client
and a horse. Through this relationship the
healing process takes place as the two
experience and overcome together. They
establish trust, communication, partnership,
empathy, and more as they build a report
with each other. Through this relationship the
client sets personal goals and achieves them
with their equine partner.
Executive Director
Leigh Ellen Ertle, LPC  
PATH Instructor and
certified with EAGALA
Enoch is a PATH Center.
PATH was formally
known as NARHA.
We are an extension of
West Georgia Psychiatric Center