Enoch Ministries at Big Bear Farm
Enoch Ponies
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Phone: (706) 881-2141
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Joseph is a miniature horse. He was born in April of 2002.
Big Bear's Bethany
Bethany is a 14.0 hand 2004 Conn/Morgan mare by
Fergus out of Lyric's Minuet.
Psalm XXIII aka "Jesty"
Jesty is an 18 year old 16 hand Han/Tb mare
who has competed through Advance Eventing
including three and four star competitions.
Enoch's Jacob
Jacob is a 34" Mini Donkey gelding.  
Cinnamon and Spice is a 11 hand
Shetland mare.
Rebecca aka
Smidget is a 37 inch
Shetland/ Miniture
cross mare.
Little Israel aka Izzy
2005 Jerusalem Donkey
Eliel aka Elly
means "My God is God"
16.2 hand 2002 American WB mare