Enoch Ministries Mission and Goals
Our Mission and Goals
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Contact: Leigh Ellen Ertle
Address: 649 Butts Mill Rd. Pine Mountain Ga. 31822
Phone: (706) 881-2141
Email: enochministries@bellsouth.net
Building Relationships That Open New Dimensions.

A Christian based non for profit organization established to provide faith-based counseling &
therapeutic equine services ministering to the needs in our community at Big Bear Farm in Pine
Mountain, Georgia.
Enoch Ministries, Incorporated is a P.A.T.H. Center (formerly N.A.R.H.A.)

To provide both equine and non-equine therapy services to a broad range of clients in the
Chattahoochee Valley.  At all times our company’s policies will reflect CHRISTian related values.