Enoch Ministries' Staff
Meet Our Staff
Leigh Ellen Ertle, LPC,
Executive Director,
PATH Instructor,
EAGALA certified  
Eve Ertle,
Mary Ellen Roberts,
Administrative Director
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Contact: Leigh Ellen Ertle, LPC
Address: 649 Butts Mill Rd. Pine Mountain Ga. 31822
Phone: (706) 881-2141
Email: lelittlebear@yahoo.com
Daniel Ertle,
Farm Manager,
EAGALA certified
Equine Professional
and many other
Equine therapists.
Joseph is a miniature horse. He was born in
April of 2002.
Big Bear's Bethany
Bethany is a 14.1 hand 2004
Conn/Morgan mare
Psalm XXIII aka "Jesty"
Jesty is a 1990 16 hand Han/Tb mare who
has competed through Advance Eventing
including three and four star competitions.
Rebecca aka Smidget 2008 is a 37
inch Shetland/ Miniature cross
Cinnamon and Spice an 11 hand
Shetland mare.
How I came to be who God made me

When I was younger I was eventing Advance level very successfully. I was even long listed for the Olympics. Which is still a
long way from being in the Olympics. But I was very serious and was moving quickly that direction. As a rider I was
phenomenal, but as a person I was fighting with severe depression. I began questioning my life. Why was I doing what I
was? For What? It was at that point I decided I needed to put God first in my life. I loved God but I didn't know Him. At that
time I sold my Olympic hopeful horse Psalm XXIII aka Jesty pictured above. I then went to the school of ministry in Toronto
Canada. It was there I experienced the Father's love for me. Not because He is suppose to love us all but for me. I received
a healing of my heart and a renewing of my mind, body, and spirit. God loved on me and filled me with his power and
presence while I was there. When it came time to go home I hesitated. I didn't want to pick up were I left off. I told God, "I
know you gave me a gift of working with horses but I do not want to pick it up without an understanding of your plans to
use it." That is how Enoch was born. I was to use my love and talent with horses to help others. I prayed for a name for the
program and I heard the name Enoch inside of me. I looked in the bible and found that there was a man that walked so
close to God and that God trusted in him enough to show him the secretes of the heavens. Enoch walked so close with God
that he didn't die for God took him. I wanted that close of a relationship with my heavenly Father. What a perfect name for
the program I was to start. Plus, it means determination. As a child I wanted to be able to offer my farm to under privileged
kids but my heart was being pulled to reach the poor and brokenhearted. Enoch began in January of 2003 Incorporated as a
church to be what ever God wants it to be. This ministry, a 501 c 3 public charity, will grow in many directions I believe. But
for this time, the direction God has lead me, is in counseling. When reaching out to the community for support when I first
began I was asked in 2003 for my credentials. My reply was, "I would be right back." Since that time I received my masters in
community counseling with an emphases on Marriage and Family Therapy. I am now a Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC.
I am trained and certified as a PATH Instructor and certified as mental health specialist through EAGALA. God has granted the
true desires of my heart and not my head. Thanks be to God for knowing the difference.

                                                                                       Leigh Ellen Ertle, LPC